The restaurant industry is one of the largest markets for Huff Contracting primarily because we understand the cost constraints and aggressive schedules associated with these projects. Franchise chains such as Scooters, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Johns, Taco Bell, Burger King, Culvers, Godfathers, and others are just a few of the brands we have partnered with over the years.

As the Scooter's Coffee franchise has grown, Huff Contracting has provided an abundance of insight to the corporate and design teams. We have become a top contractor for Scooter's corporate stores as well as their franchise stores. We have even become Scooter's franchise owners, with the Huff family owning and operating stores in Iowa and Illinois.  This gives us a unique perspective to the entire Scooter's process.

From real estate selection, pre-development, financing, budgets, vendors, construction, training and operations, the team at Huff Contracting has a thorough understanding of the entire design and build process. Because of our extensive experience, we are often invited back to build multiple locations for franchise owners. We are also a top builder for Scooter's Coffee corporate stores and pre-built franchise locations.

Through the process of building multiple Scooter's Coffee locations, we have evaluated every cost implication and have been able to improve and streamline the work for efficiency and cost improvements. We have experienced first-hand the fluctuations in interest rates, cost of land, lease rates, city requirements, building requirements, equipment and finishing items, and we understand how challenging and stressful it can be for a new franchise owner to tackle these challenges alone. We want to help provide as much information, guidance, support, and assistance as we can to franchise owners as they begin their new business venture.

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Huff Contracting offers assistance with lot purchases for Scooter's Coffee locations. Our purchase and lease back program helps new Scooter's owners with their monthly cash flow and has allowed many owners to build and open their stores in a shorter period of time than traditional financing options would offer.

Our experienced team can evaluate Scooters drawings and provide a budget range for construction costs. This is helpful for franchise owners, and also needed for lenders. We can also provide guidance on locations, assessing your potential lot options and evaluating which would be most cost effective for your needs.

Is there a certain budget you need to target, or an opening date you are trying to meet? We are ready to discuss, negotiate, and plan with you to help you achieve your goals.  Scooters has a pre-development and construction team, but partnering with Huff Contracting allows us to streamline tasks, provide guidance, and ensure tasks are accomplished on time. Our objective is to create a team, working together to get to the final end goal - your completed Scooter's Coffee store!

We are very experienced in start to finish construction, for Scooters Coffee and many other types of projects. We are familiar with Scooters and their services, and can guide you through the building process making sure your project is on time and properly done, every step of the way. 

Once your budget is set, we will continue to search for ways to improve costs and eliminate any suprise change orders which can dramatically affect your final costs. We will evaluate the subcontractor bids, and all information is available for you to review and discuss with us.

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Huff Contracting served as the general contractor for four Scooters Coffee stores built for my partners and myself From 2021 through 2022. Their bids were always competitive and cost effective. All stores were completed on time and within budget. Huff Contracting served as a partner helping make decisions with modifications, taking cost and quality into consideration. They truly went above and beyond for us. I would use them for any future construction project.

When it comes to choosing a general contracting company with Integrity, Love, Humility, and Courage, we choose Huff Contracting, Inc every time. The Huff Team that was assigned to us could not have been any better. They kept things moving daily and we were updated and informed as to the progress of the project. They addressed any issues that came up after the project with the same amount of effort and energy they used for the build…. That’s Integrity!

Huff Contracting is very experienced in working with city offices, Scooter's Corporate, and first time business owners. Their cost plus agreement saved us lead time, and proved to be a good financial move. We were involved in all decisions, and the projects came in under budget and on time without sacrificing quality. They made us feel valued as a client and did a great job meeting deadlines while producing quality work. We recommend Huff Contracting and will use them again.




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